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Stress Impacts EVERYTHING.
It is THE most common cause of ALL health issues.
The Unstress Wellness Program is your personal guide to take control of your health.
Explore the easy-to-follow format introducing the Five Pillars of Health.
Discover simple strategies to improve wellbeing, minimise stress, and optimise your health!
In this easy, self-paced online program...
  • Sleep – A consistently good night's sleep is your body's built-in, life-support system 
  • Breathe – Breathing well has a PROFOUND impact on our health
  • Nourish – Understand guiding principles, how to eat, what to eat and what to avoid
  • Movement – Build movement into your day to improve your physical and mental health
  • Thought – Awareness of how you think affects your wellbeing in our busy world
  • Stress – Stress impacts everything and is the common cause of all health issues
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An Interactive, Easy to Explore Program,
Designed to Deliver Breakthrough Results for You!
  • Take control of your own health, build resilience and be the best you can be
  • Get support to reset and overcome struggles with the everyday pace of life
  • Achieve your ideal weight, once and for all – no fad diets required
  • Get motivated and enjoy a sense of community to reach your health goals
  • Get clear answers and eliminate confusion and misinformation about health
  • Learn about mindfulness; what it is, how to do it, and how to embrace it in your life
  • Eliminate unnecessary stress from your life – explore the Unstress lifestyle
  • Discover failsafe tools on how to get the best night's sleep every time
Explore the Five Pillars of Health to live your best life! 
Too often we find health messages confusing and contradictory.
Many people want to make changes to their health and are not sure where to start. 
This program guides you with a SIMPLE and LOGICAL path to better health and wellness. 
 Enjoy a program of personal discovery…
  • The program is designed based on Dr Ron's book – A Life Less Stressed
  • Created from experience and based on science – simple, proven, and effective
  • Transform your life and your health, without the stress! 
  • Explore the easy-to-use, state of the art educational platform (mobile friendly) 
  • Connect weekly with 4 FREE online Q&A sessions
  • Gain knowledge and skills to confidently take control of your health
Engage in easy-to-explore learning modules: 
How to Identify and Understand the Impacts of Stress
  • Why stress is the common thread of all health issues
  • How stress impacts mental and physical wellbeing
  • Some simple strategies to help you control what you can control
  • How to feel empowered to lower stress and take control of your health
How to Improve Your Sleep for a Consistent Good Night's Sleep 
  • Why sleep is so important
  • What defines a good night's sleep
  • Simple strategies to address the barriers to a good night's sleep
  • How to implement these strategies for a consistently good night's sleep
How to Breathe Well and the Importance of Nasal Breathing
  • The importance of diaphragmatic nasal breathing
  • A technique to unblock your nose
  • How to combat mouth breathing through breathing retraining exercises
  • Nasal breathing whilst asleep
How to Nourish Your Body and the Foundations of Eating Well
  • Rediscover the guiding principles for eating well
  • How and what to eat
  • What to avoid
  • Simple ways to change the way you eat permanently, rather than going on a diet
How to Move Your Body Daily and Becoming Consistent with Movement
  • Increase your incidental movement throughout the day + why exercise is so important
  • How to start your day with movement to enjoy the benefits of exercise 
  • Build up your strength with some simple foundational exercises
  • A sample exercise plan and how to become consistent with movement
How to Understand the Power of Thought and Their Affects on Body and Mind
  • Enjoy the power of meditation
  • Know how stress affects the body and the mind
  • Embrace the practice of gratitude
  • Review how you spend your time
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Program Presented by Dr Ron Ehrlich 
Over 40 years of clinical practice Dr Ron Ehrlich has developed a holistic approach to health and wellness, as well as a comprehensive model of how stress impacts on our lives. Empowering individuals and organisations is his passion.

His new book A Life Less Stressed: the five pillars of health and wellness explores:
  • Why public health messages are so confusing and contradictory looking at the role of the food and pharmaceutical industries in all levels of health care.
  • The five stresses in life that break us down: emotional, environmental, nutritional, postural and dental stressors.
  • The five pillars of health to build physical, mental and emotional resilience: sleep, breathe, nourish, movement and thought.

These are themes he explores and expands on each week with world leaders in his weekly podcast Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich. The model has also shaped his keynotes and workshops for the public, corporates and health professionals, both locally and internationally.

Dr Ron is in clinical practice and continues to see patients at his group practice, the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre in Sydney CBD.

Dr Ron's passion is to convert confusion to clarity and information to knowledge. To empowering individuals to fulfil their potential, take control of their health, build resilience and be the best you can be.

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How is the course delivered?
We have a dedicated online platform through which we deliver this course.
Once you enrol, you will be emailed login details and have a username and password for the course website.

This means you can access what you want when you want, any time of day (or night). E.g. After the kids go to bed. Before your work day kicks off.
Over your lunch break. Mark out your time and HONOUR IT and know that you don't have to show up at specific times.
How long does the course go for?
Each module within each pillar has video's guiding you through the course content. 
The Unstress Hub hosts the information, and each module/topic is packed full of information, downloadables, resources and activities to help you make long term changes to your health.

Some people will prefer to read all of the content at once ('information binge') while others will want to take their time.

It's up to you. We want you to make lasting changes to your health, and therefore you can log in at any time and re-engage with the content whilst you have access.
What can I personally take out of this course?
We don't say this lightly, this course could transform your life.
For example, if you're a poor sleeper - taking control of this aspect of your health profile can improve so many health measures.

Dr Ron has 40 years of clinical experience and has developed these health messages over this career. This course is essentially the practical guide to his book A Life Less Stressed: The five pillars of health and wellness.

Join our community and start taking control of your health.
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